I’d be lying if I said I was a politically-motivated person. In fact, like many other Americans I’m completely disgusted with politics in this country and how it has evolved into a popularity contest completely devoid of any substance. These people are going to run our country and they can’t even figure out how to run their campaigns or provide any real solutions to the issues facing our country. However, there’s one thing that has kept my attention throughout all the debates and mudslinging – voter turnout.

Regardless of how I feel about politics I find it an amazing privilege to be able to vote in our country. On Facebook I noticed how an event was made for Election Day and I proudly responded as someone who would be attending. When I went to the event page I couldn’t believe how so many people weren’t going out to vote (as of this post it was around 475,000!). I soon realized that group could be made up of people not old enough to vote, or ineligible for other reasons.

I decided to do some research and found out that the USA has one of the lowest voter turnout percentages around the world at approximately 50% (2004 saw one of the highest percentages of voter turnout at 56.7%). 70% of our eligible population registers and somewhere along the way a good 15-20% don’t vote.

<a href=”“>Wikipedia has an excellent entry on voter turnout that discusses how lower voter turnout usually mean there are more differences amongst voters. There’s even a formula for determining whether or not someone will vote! It’s really amazing what all the numbers mean when you begin to take into account socio-economic factors, compulsory voting, and even the amount of influence a voter feels they will have on governmental decision making.

Go check it out here.

And most importantly, get out to VOTE today.