I usually dont do anything for my birthday, but this year i decided to or was coincidentally scheduled to. when i was a sophomore at Kean University a little man wearing a cowboy hat came to review students portfolios, after seeing a few students come out of the room crying i was intrigued and eventually found out that it was Hank Richardson from Portfolio Center located in none other than ATL. I didnt get a chance to get in to meet him or get my work reviewed because of time restraints they limited it to only to seniors. But i always wanted to have someone like Hank review my portfolio because i look up to a a lot of the work that has come out of PC and am a big fan of their aesthetics and program….  Soooo. A year after finishing my portfolio “23 years in the making” i have an appointment with Mr Hank Richardson at 9 am.  What a better way to start your birthday than to have someone thoroughly review your work.(even if it is all a year old now)  I look at it as a gift. To have someone review my work that has such a great knowledge of design.. stay up.