first off merry christmas to everyone and happy holidays from the crew at The Breaks Over and Jamie Marx..   now i came back to New Jersey for the holiday and every year my grand mother creates these amazing schmorgishboard  thing gifts…  so i felt compelled to share the amazing group of joints it included this year…  mine included Doritos (in a can of corse) 2 pairs of sox, one high and one low, a candy cane, a little group of candy (hand wrapped) little twizzler niblets, a card (with money) and my favorite of all a bottle of bubbles with the message blow out the old year 2008  from santa on it…  i mean some people get gifts and unwrap boxes and that crap, but then you get PRESENTS that are like this and make the whole day memorable…  shes always made these interesting assortment presents and i cant wait till next year to see what it includes! 

merry christmas everyone and we will be back on the steady blogg soon..