this is what people that do work for shit pay look like 

Read the full article of how these two fools, a student body of kids with paint shop, and the wonderful experience of working with a Committee at  South Dakota State University, gave Phoenix Design Works a damn headache at underconsideration.com  

With the majority of homes having computers now a days and the ease of pirating software, it seems that everyone has them selves photoshop and a few even having illustrator, making them (in their mind) a designer.  with this said, i have heard and experienced a few times, people thinking that they can get design work from their kids or them selves that is worth a damn, or try to low ball you on work because they think they know what is effective design.  Now on the other hand because people have been low balled there are some designers out there (who for some reason usually have “graphics” in their name) who insist on doing work for ultimately under minimum wage when you break down the time that goes into it and probably struggle because of it..  if a logo is for a D1 university and you get paid $1000.00 for it, that logo will be used on everything from uniforms to banners to tickets, merchandise ect. that school will use it hundreds of thousands of times and make a shit load of money off merch and sales, yet you are getting paid less for that logo and the time that went into it, than that school will make at a single concession stand at its D1 opening day basketball game. (dont forget the logo is now on all the cups at that concession stand too)    

- Lesson- if you plan on making a living as a designer, learn the proper way to charge for your work and explain to people that try to low ball you the value of good design.

-end note- having photo shop or illustrator does not make you a designer, thats like saying having a basketball makes you basketball player and we all know you cant ball!