It is one of Sony’s lightest notebooks, the 1.4-pound2 VAIO P Series Netbook at CES and is small enough to slip into a jacket pocket or handbag. The Sony VAIO P Netbook($900) has a 1600 x 768 LED backlit XBRITE-ECO 8-inch LCD, wow! with 1600 x 768 solution, Cool! It features include 1.33GH intel processor, Window Vista, 802.11n WiFi, 3G WWAN, Bluetooth, GPS, 2GB RAM, up to 60GB Hard disk or 128GB SSD and a battery good for 4 hours. It is pre-order now and will be sold at stores starting later this month. The VAIO P is available in an array of eye-catching colors, including garnet red, emerald green, onyx black, crystal white and classic black.