while checking out some sites i somehow came across this wonderful piece of advertising..  now i cant assure you that its real, but i can assure you that its amazing..   now ive seen some sexually instigating adds before and even did a report one time in high school on subliminal advertising… buttt, (and i mean butttt in non sexual way)  this add is pretty damn close to taking the cake..  of corse you have the lady looking all googly eyes at this phallic shape thats flying towards her mouth oozing of white sauce… butt (not sure how i mean it this time)  the copy writing is the amazing part of this add… you have  ”it just tastes better”  rite about the meat..  ”IT’ll BLOW” as the largest type on the whole page.. and thats not the most amazing part..  who ever named this thing the “super seven incher”  is either out of their mind or a genius, depending on how you look at it..  and at only $6.25 you can “fill your desire for something long and juicy”  then “yern for more after you taste the mind blowing burger”   its an interesting add to say the least.. sure as hell doesnt make me want to eat what ever that is, BUTT (gross) may make some folks…      whether this is a real add, a little online promo scheme to make people talk about BK or some Add students portfolio piece.. its an interesting take on, well.. meat…  because who in their right mind cooks an oval burger anyway?