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On Thursday night Kit Hinrich, partner at Pentagram’s San Francisco location, came to Atlanta to speak about “The Storyteller’s Art”. Thanks to AIGA ATL.

The event was great. I had a chance to meet some really great people, from printers to students, AIGA members and other professionals. Prior to Kit’s presentation AIGA Atlanta awarded Critt Graham the distinction of AIGA Fellow, the highest honor any chapter can give to a member. Critt has obviously been a significant part of making AIGA Atlanta and the design community what it is today.

Then came Kit; he was extremely inspiring, to say the least. Apart from sharing the brilliant work he has done at Pentagram, he spoke about telling stories through our work, something a lot of designers seem to forget nowadays.  Kit made it clear that many designers lose sight of the fact that we are here to communicate because of all of the effects, brushes, and filters so commonly found in work today. He spoke about the printing process, press checks and the long lost art of sketching! After listening to him speak about all of these things, including the power of symbols like the flag, (Kit’s a huge flag collector) it only served to remind me of why I love design. Kit mentioned the people he looked up to while starting out his career, how they are now his friends. This obviously meant a lot to him, and as I drove home I thought about the same thing and how I have already had the opportunity to meet people like Kit, people that I admire and respect beyond belief. I have been so lucky to learn from and work with people like Luba Lukova, Robin Landa, Steven Brower, Martin Holloway, Rose Gonnella Mike Quon and more. I’ve have had the opportunity to meet people like Stefan Sagmeister, Jeff Staple, Paula Scher, the guys at KarlssonWilker , Matteo Bologna and more. I’m fortunate to call people like Jason Alejandro, Jessica Tonder,Tom Medvedich, Q Smith, Lars Amhof, Jenna Rivers and so many more, my friends, all of whom inspire me everyday and drive me to try to become better at what I do. As I was thinking about all of that on my way home from the event, the driver of a stolen mini-van ran through the red light at the intersection I was making a right turn at, onto my street and T-bones my Jeep right in the driver’s side door, flipping my car onto it’s side after hitting another vehicle going around 110 mph.

A few days have past since the accident, and my soar neck is beginning to heal. I’m now left wondering why I was so lucky? Every officer or fireman said they don’t know how i walked away from a accident like that…so why me?  Why am I so lucky to have a chance, not only to do what I love and to meet, work, and be inspired by amazing people everyday, but also to survive something that according to emergency professionals I shouldn’t have, or at least not so easily. The only answer that I can think of is to return the love—return the inspiration, the education of our craft. I’ll continue to push the boundaries of what we do and as Kit said, “continue to be a Story Teller”.

Thank you to everyone who has inspired me, taught me, and touched my life up to this point. You are all a part of me and are always part of my personal story. Now let’s change the world!