Our sincerest apologies for not posting much these last few weeks. Msenna and myself have been occupied by other matters, namely the formation of the Proper Villains Collective. Aside from that I think we’ve both been really busy working on other projects and initiatives. I myself have been preparing to teach a college course on the History of Visual Communications this Fall. This is the first time I’ll be doing any teaching and I’m incredibly excited, anxious, and, somewhat, overwhelmed by the prospect of it.

Please forgive us and accept these meager links to interesting things I’ve come across this week:
Puerto Rico Illustrado mastheads via my friend Alberto Rigau’s blog.
Amazing work by Studio Ten and a Half.
Whoa. Skateboard typography.
Industrial designer Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility.
Bugs + street light + long exposure = Awesome
Pijama makes great cases for laptops, phones, iPods, etc.