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With a new trend of “design Documentaries”  and other films such as Objectified and Helvetica by Gary Hustwit and shows like Emmy and Golden Globe winning AMC series Mad Men focusing on design and advertising, it is evident that the interest in these fields and educating the world about our craft is becoming more and more important. “People are paying more attention and are becoming more in tune with design and advertising in america” one film goer said.

Art and Copy by Doug Pray (Surfwise,Scratch, and HYPE!)  takes us behind the scenes and tells the stories and sheds a much needed light on some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time. Featuring the likes of George Lois, David Kennedy, Lee Clow, Jeff Goodby and many more This film is a must see! Its a hard nose take on the way things work in advertising and really communicates how powerful design, advertising, and the strategies we make really are. They captured so many different personalities within the AD industry that have made their mark and covered some classic campaigns from Nike’s “Just Do It” to “Got Milk?” and how Tommy Hilfiger became a household name through advertising.  The film was inspiring and motivational for me personally, to see these classic admen and women such as George Lois and Lee Clow speak from their heart about what we do is really powerful.