Camu Tao

Some of the best hip hop coming out these days is coming out of the primarily New York group of collaborators calling themselves The Weathermen. The most notable are Aesop Rock, El-P and Cage, but just as talented was Camu Tao. Sadly that sentence is not mistakenly past tense as he passed last year after a two-year battle with a rare lung cancer. The full length he had been working on when he died will finally be realsed by Def Jux in October, but now is a good time to aquaint yourself with his work. “Plot for a Little Bit” is the track worth checking out.

The Beach Boys (Pet Sounds a capella)

It would seem that someone has taken to time to drop all of the instruments out of every track of “Pet Sounds”, the 1966 masterpiece by The Beach Boys. What’s left are harmonies that make the hair on your neck do their best impersonation of Kid of Kid n’ Play fame. Some songs are better, some are just different, but God Only Knows makes me wish this was the way it was recorded 4 decades ago. Brian Wilson sings to the lonely and manages to do it in five part harmony. Is that ironic?…I think it might be.

The Almighty Defenders

After touring India for a handful of shows, The Black Lips found themselves in some hotwater after supposedly performing lewd acts on stage. They got the fuck out of the country in a hurry, ending up at the house of Mark Sultan (Also known as The King Khan) in Berlin. What came of this is a noise rock supergroup called The Almighty Defenders. They’ll be dropping their album on Sept. 22, but you can preview 2 of the tracks on their myspace right now.