Apologies for being a day late. Snow Leopard has sent my mac for a loop.

New Boyz

I was a bit hesitant about New Boyz at first as “boyz” has about the same connotation as “kids” in my mind and the last time I hear about “New Kids” I was working on my 1st grade pompadour and waring shoes with pumps. That said their debut LP “Skinny Jeans and a Mic” is pretty tight.  Their single “You’re a Jerk” I’m sure will make it’s way around the radio soon enough if it hasn’t already.

Tough Shits

With the name Tough Shits they are clearly after mainstream success. Vulgarity aside they’re producing some incredibly catchy garage rock. “I Heard She Kisses On The Mouth” and “Flash Art” are definitely worth a listen if for no other reason than the spoken word breakdown on the latter. The bad news is if you want to see them and you’re not in NY or PA you’re pretty much boned.


Wale might be my favorite hip hop artist I’ve heard of in the last few years (though I’ll see what Kid CuDi’s full length later this year has to say about that). His mixtape last year was one of my top releases of 2008 and, after 4 years, is finally dropping his first LP titled “Attention: Deficit” on Oct 20th. His first single off of it titled “Chillin” and featuring Lady Gaga is pretty rude. If nothing else it’s reminded me how great his 2008 Seinfeld themed mixtape aptly named “The Mixtape About Nothing” really was.