The mustachioed Yoni Wolf has been making a name for himself as WHY? for some time. Since their first major release “Sanddollars” in 2005 they’ve slowly evolved from an experimental rap act to an indie group with a very unique brand of stream of consciousness hip-hop. They’ll be releasing their newest LP “Eskimo Snow” tomorrow and certainly worth giving a listen as Yoni bounces around from sex, love, death, and of course his ironic facial hair. Be sure to check out “The Hollows” and “Close To Me”.

Dead Man’s Bones

So Ryan Gossling and Zach Shields have a band together. Bare with me I swear to God this isn’t a Scarlette Johanson situation. They’ll be dropping their album on Oct. 22nd and once you give it a listen you’ll see the timing is no coincidence. Describing themselves as a “gothic gospel” band, they’ve essentially written a tribute album to the undead. To make it more creepy they enlisted the help of the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir to provide vocals on the album. Apparently this won’t be lost on tour as they’ll be picking up a local children’s choir for each show to accompany them on stage.  Give a listen to “In the Room Where You Sleep”. If you don’t like it feel free to never listen to another one of my actor turned musician suggestions again.

Deer Tick

Deer Tick sound like a quartet of bootleggers who just rolled out of a hilltop in Tenneesee. In reality they come from the far less rugged Providence Rhode Island, but John McCauley makes sure his whiskey soaked voice doesn’t give them away. One of the better bar bands I’ve heard in some time, Deer Tick records some angry folk rock. Look no further than “Ashamed” off their 2007 release “War Elephant” when he sings “Murdered my throat, screaming bloody all night/Hit him with a book and how he crumbles/Oh you should have seen the arches tumble/They’re golden no more/Now I’m smiling in my blood”. Their newest release “Born on Flag Day” wasn’t a great as their previous work, but worth a listen none the less. If nothing else they do a mean “La Bamba” cover.