Late of the Pier

Late of the Pier are a 4 piece band from across the pond. There’s certainly an element of electric pop here, but  there is still a fair amount of rock and roll going on. They actually remind me quite a bit of artists like Mute Math and Brian Eno. I’ve been reading their next album is supposed to drop sometime this year, though they’re starting to run out of time for that. In either case their last release “Fantasy Black Channel” needs a listen. Check out “The Bears are Coming” because if nothing else that breakdown around :42 in is pretty dope.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Modern blues music hasn’t sounded this good in some time. Black Joe Lewis and his band The Honeybears are Austin Texas through and through. If you’re feelin Howlin’ Wolf or James Brown back when he still had some edge and before he started looking like an angry Asian woman, then give Black Joe Lewis a chance. His last LP “Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!” is one of my top albums from 2009. “Gunpowder” and “Sugarfoot” are both tight songs, but as far as I’m concerned the track that epitomizes Black joe Lewis is “Bitch, I Love You“…for obvious reasons.

Neutral Milk Hotel

This entry is now specifically for the most anal retentive of audiophiles. Okay, with the disclaimer out of the way Neutral Milk Hotel is re-releasing the near flawless albums “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” and On Avery Island” on high quality 180 gram vinyl. If you already love the music you should get them, however this is post is as much about informing you about the new vinyls as it is an excuse for me to talk about how great this band was. I’ll just refer you to their wiki for the sordid story of why no one has heard a note from them in 11 years. Bottom line: “Aeroplane” is one of the most poignent albums of the 90′s and in theory it should be an abject failure, a grundge-folk album using thrift store horns and telling the story of the life, death and subsequent rebirth of Anne Frank. What results though is an angry, beautiful record about loving everything in this world including those who would try, and likely succeed, in tearing you down. Ok…I got that out of my system…we now return you to your usual blog post which is already in progress.