The Flaming Lips

Wayne Coyne and company, after what feels like much longer than 3 years, have finally released a new LP. “Embryonic” dropped earlier this month and is everything you’d expect from the group that hasn’t really had a misstep in 26 years. It’s a bit more ambient than the previous 2 releases, but remains as catchy as ever and sure to end up as background music fro some hybrid car commercial in the near future. “Convinced of the Hex” is a pretty dope song, though more aggressive than a lot of the rest of the album. Also, for the designers in the audience, the art on this one is must see.

Living Legends

Living Legends are a group of 8 hip hop artists who, for the last 13 years, have been releasing completely independent tracks to the tune of 300,000 units sold. MURS is probably the biggest name in the group, but Sunspot Jonz and Eligh are both making music worth putting in your ear. “Never Fallin’” is a track to hit on their myspace, but if you can find the “Afterhours (Extended Euro Mix)” on “The Gathering” make sure to hit that up. Then again I’m a sucker for horns in rap songs so I’m biased.

Danny Swain

After I was pointed in the direction of Alex Goose’s Blueprint 3 Outtakes by this post I found he was working on Danny Swain’s new album coming out on Def Jux. “Where Is Danny” should be dropping in the near future, but you need to hit the link and download some tracks. “Hoedown Showdown” is a tight track, and if you’re feelin it make sure to pick up 2008′s “And I Love H.E.R.”. Get on that shit now and tell you’re friend…it’ll make you look much cooler in a few months.