Tokion Magazine 47 Cover

NYC designer Deanne Cheuk might have one of the most expansive and diverse portfolios around. Originally hailing from Australia, her work has found it’s way into magazines, on t-shirts, snowboards, bags, textiles, plates, cups, sneakers and more! She’s art directed magazines, designed sunglasses and toys—it’s like every thing touches turns to gold! In 2006, Target even launched a line of her products!

Tokion Magazine Art Direction and Design

The New York Times T Magazine

Neomu 6

Urban Outfitters Catalogs Art Direction  Design

Urban Outfitters Plate

Fauna'ed Urban Outfitters

Sue Stemp Textile Honeymoon Delight

Sue Stemp Laser Cut Hang Tag

Le Cheuks Woodies for

Dell Design Studio Custom Lap Top

Deanne Cheuk Eye Smoke Shoes

Vanimal Zoo Deanimals