Apologies for the break in communication last week. Verizon had made sure that I was without internet for a week.

Going back to the common theme of Brooklyn based hip hop and people associated with The Weathermen, this week we feature Cage. After a uniquely tumultuous childhood and rather extensive drug use he released “Movies for the Blind” in 2002 recorded entirely while on angeldust. Earlier this year he dropped “Depart from Me” and absolutely kills it and you should be owning it.

Non Phixion
I spent some time listening to Necro this weekend which served to remind me of 2 things. 1: That, thankfully, there is a limit to how many sings I can listen to about doing speed and killing a hooker. And 2: I really miss Non Phixion, emceed by Necro’s older brother Ill Bill. The hip-hop quartet of Ill Bill, Saboc Red, Goretex, and DJ Eclipse had run it’s course by 2006, but their none the less still worth a listen if you haven’t already. Their 02 release “The Future Is Now” is where your ears need to be pointed.

Davila 666
I’m honestly can’t seem to reconcile why I have as much of an affliction for Spanish garage rock as I do. Though if you’re feeling it too then you need to be spinning Davila. Hailing from the PR, their brand of visceral 60’s inspired garage rock is second to none. They recently released their latest full length and the only thing better than the sound is the title “Latin Lingo for Rats and Gringos.”