I initially came upon Kindness by finding their incredibly ironic video for their song “Gee Up”. According to their label’s site Kindness has played only two shows, one of which a “squat eviction party”. That will likely change in the near future because their poppy funk sounds is far too catchy to be ignored. Hit this link and download the mp3 to put in your ear.

Mumford and Sons
Mumford and Sons are a product of the ever growing London folk scene and at least as talented as the more popular Laura Marling. They released their first full length last month, “Sigh No More” topping at 11 on the UK charts. They’re single “Little Lion Man” is a perfect example of all the album has: big rousing choruses, honest lyrics, and soulful vocals.

I’d been feeling Yeasayer for a while, and then I saw the first single off their forth-coming album will be called Ambling Alp (after early 20th century boxer Primo Carnera), thus lifting my enthusiasm to a new level. The Brooklyn-based experimental indie group started getting national attention after blowing people away at SXSW in 2007, going as far as to earn a place on the “Dark Was the Night” compilation earlier this year. Point your browser at their band site to get a free download of “Ambling Alp”.