Apparently, unbeknown to me, the dance-pop band Starfucker changed their name to Pyramiddd recently. And here I though I discovered an entirely new band. In either case exchanging vulgarity for repetitive consonants hasn’t changed their sound, remaining one of the best electronic bands around. If you have the opportunity I recommend you check them out live as they are one of the most entertaining bands you’re going to be able to catch for likely less than 20 dollars.

King Khan and BBQ Show
The perpetually creating Mark Sultan is back at work again, having released “Invisible Girl” earlier this month. If you’ve been listening to The Almighty Defenders there’s no reason you shouldn’t be listening to King Khan as well. Invisible Girl is exactly what you think it would be: raunchy 60′s influenced garage rock. Hit up “Zombies” and “Why Don’t You Lie” and before you leave the house find out the next time Mark Sultan is going to be within 20 miles of you and go see him.

Best Covers of the Decade
I’m going to defer to Paste magazine on this one. Paste has been putting up a “Best of the Decade” list every day for the last few weeks. Some are batter than others but their list of the best covers of the last 10 years is totally on point. Full disclosure: I fucking love covers. With that out of the way the Deathcab cover of “Earth Angel” and the Flaming Lips cover of “War Pigs” are both fantastic. I also noticed a few of these are off of 2 of my favorite cover albums so if you like these make sure you check the Stubbs the Zombie Soundtrack and the I’m Not There Soundtrack.