As a book designer I can’t help but feel drawn to the ideas concerning digital reading devices and the future implications for digital publishing. The naturally-occurring tension between the current print-based domain that we’ve been under for so long and the endless opportunity (read: challenges) that the digital realm of the future holds for us is of great importance to my career as a designer. That being said, I’m always looking for new ideas that are emerging as attempts to clarify this tension and solve problems between the print/digital transition of media and content.

Check out this great video which explores one new possibility of reading magazines in a digital format. I will never be sold on the idea of reading all of my media on digital devices, call me what you want, it’s just not natural. Rather, what I am drawn to is the idea of being able to contain vast libraries of information with the ability to call upon specific pieces (articles, songs, movies, video clips, excerpts, etc.) whenever we feel like it. That’s very exciting to me because it furthers the ability to expand knowledge, education and ultimately, power to so many others around the world in new and unprecedented ways.

For more information on this project check it out here: Bonnier