Jona Bechtolt’s first two solo endeavors under the name YACHT didn’t manage anything that someone with iTunes and a mixer could accomplish. Beginning with his 2007 release I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real, the former member of The Blow finally managed to find his voice with legitimately clever, catchy lap-pop. It’s feast or famine with the quality of most tracks, but when it works it sounds like a Rube Goldberg machine you can dance to. That’s a good thing…

It would seem that, like it or not, (in my case like it) 2009 was the year of the low-fi noise pop. This duo form Vancouver, however, do what many other bands of that ilk in 2009 failed at, which was simply making it fun. Their album Post-Nothing comprises mostly of guitar, drums and two guys yelling lyrics like they had no idea they were being recorded. It’s loud and it doesn’t mince words, but the most charming part is that it is essentially a snapshot of two guys having fun making really honest music.

There’s quite a bit of music out there where the sound doesn’t necessarily match the tone of the lyrics, for better or worse. Girls’ release Album is just that, for better that is. On the whole the record is incredibly pleasing, foot tapping music which thinly covers up the incredibly sad and seemingly lost vocals of Christopher Owens. Owens’ vocals bop around in the style of Elvis Costello and maybe some Morrissey lamenting over a, well, a girl. Listenable heartbreak is a difficult thing to come by, but Girls have managed that and it shouldn’t be missed.