The title of Zomby’s latest album tells you almost everything you need to know about it. Where Were U In ’92 is a rehash of the sounds that peaked nearly two decades ago. I suppose saying “rehash” and that the music peaked when I was in elementary school might sound derogatory, but it’s much closer to a re-imagining than it is recycling. The producer who, at this point, is essentially the name in new dubstep music has created the a perfect love letter to the time when dub music has since essentially stood still, and made it new again.

Ha Ha Tonka
I was recently trying to figure out why I like Ha Ha Tonka as much as I do, and then it dawned on me. They sound like Kings of Leon before they lost their edge. The four piece released their latest album Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South last year. Their southern, gritty harmonies remind me of everything I loved about The Band. It’s all very sweet, but is so unapologetically American that it can’t help, but be respected.

Cass McCombs
Apparently hopping around through several genre’s and scenes through his last 3 LPs, Cass McCombs as finally managed to find his way to my speakers making me wish I had stumbled upon him much earlier. His voice is a sweet melody reciting fantastically simple lyrics for you like he’s sitting next to you. It seems like every time someone is a good song writer they’re called “The New Dylan” (and the last time I check the old Dylan was still serving us just fine), but that term usually implies intricate rambling lyrics and that’s not was McCombs makes. My favorite song off Catacombs is the first track “Dreams Come True Girl” when he sings “All the troubles in my past/That’s just what they are/And all the delusions that took host then past/They’ve only made my immunity strong.” as he tells his wife that she’s his dreams come true girl.