Bike helmets aren’t exactly lauded for their fashion-forwardness. (Hello, helmet hair!) For a noggin protector that doesn’t make you look like a sweaty quarterback or someone who’s making a grab for the Tour de France championship title, take a gander at designer Kyle J. Ferguson’s eco-friendly concept helmet for Lacoste.

Comprising sustainable materials like organic wool, thermoformed bio-plastic, low-density cork and soy-based foam, Ferguson’s helmet is, in his own words, “well-suited to leisurely rides around town, running errands, or commuting.”


Female urban professionals between the ages of 19 and 40 are Ferguson’s target demographic, since research by the Snell Memorial Foundation notes a higher incidence of injury among cyclists in that bracket.

Meanwhile, Granta Material Intelligence’s findings that cork has comparable energy-absorption properties to expanded polystyrene foam inspired his use of the renewable material for the helmet’s inner shell.

To create a “less-technical” appearance and conceal the hardshell’s interior vents, Ferguson clad his helmet with breathable organic wool in a fetching herringbone tweed.