OK, so lately I’ve been on this kick for looking up the work of design studios with an obvious modern/minimalist aesthetic. Grids, Helvetica (or other sans), black & white only, you get the point. Extra points if they’re in the UK. I’m not really sure why, but as I’ve “matured” as a designer (who know maybe I’m lying to myself) I’ve been able to see a greater attention to detail and clarity in communication that is so often associated with designers who think/create in this manner.

My friend Andy turned me on to the work of Fraser Muggeridge Studio in London, and at first I thought the work was too generic. It made me feel numb in fact. I got it right away, don’t get me wrong, I just wasn’t sure if I liked it. But then, as I began to look through each of their projects, I felt intrigued by the subtlety of their work. I was drawn in to actually look at the pieces, their purpose and message. I think there’s something genius about it now, they are designers that are able to show a tremendous amount of restraint in allowing the content to shine forth.

PS-Make sure to refresh the homepage a few times, different work tends to come up.