Emerging from the ashes of Hot Snakes, Edsel, and Shortstack, Obits are veterans of garage punk. I happened to catch them at Cake Shop last weekend (coincidentally, the same place they played their first show 2 years prior) and they absolutely killed it. Their brand of straight-forward, catchy punk is so refreshing. It’s not as angry as Hot Snakes was, so if you’re looking for the second coming of Audit in Progress you won’t find it here, but their 2009 LP I Blame You is no worse for the lack of cynicism.

So Cow
I initially went to a show in Brooklyn last week to catch Blank Dog (for the record Blank Dog was awful) and managed to catch So Cow opening for them as well. I suppose it’s very similar to most bands attempting that noise-rock sound that seems to pile onto an L train out of Brooklyn on a daily basis, but I enjoy that So Cow doesn’t try to be something it’s not.
Singer, Brian Kelly, sings songs that everyone can relate to and writes them so simply so no one will miss what he’s trying to say to you. Not to mention they do a great cover of Runaway by Del Shannon that you should be listening to.

Almost as impressive as some of the music on this record is the talent that managed to wrangle in to appear on it. N.A.S.A. (an acronym for North America South America) is a DJ collective featuring LA based Squeak E. Clean and Brazil native, DJ Zegon. Their album, The Spirit of Apollo, is largely based in Brazilian funk, which is a nice change pace from the spacey beats that generally go along with this type of album. Be sure to pick it up and say hi to RZA, Kanye, Chuck D, M.I.A.m Tom Waits, KRS-One, John Frusciante, Ghostface, and company on the way.