grafitti artist Saber recently was on MSNBC to talk about a piece he did that expressed his view on healthcare. There was a lot of people upset or angered by the piece because they felt it was defacing the flag. This in it self shows how narrow minded politicians and a lot of conservative americans are today. Sabers piece clearly portrays a story of how the healthcare in America can potentially destroy the country as a whole. The shape and image of the flag was used as a metaphor and I guess some people cant understand or comprehend that. These people need to get off their high-horse and open their eyes to the fact that we are all humans and not everyone is out to get them or destroy this country but some people are enraged at the fact that a lot of the political structures of this great country of ours are still the same as they were in 1900! The concept of political parties in them selves and that we still look at everything as republican or democrat is as ignorant and close minded as segregation. These people that refuse to agree with something because a republican said it or because a democrat thought of it are simply blind to what we call evolution. The world is about evolving and the fact that our political system refuses to evolve to the times and issues we face really makes me question their motives. Open your eyes to the fact that we are all human in the end of the day. The man sleeping on the street corner is no different than your own child in that sense. He may not have been brought up with all the same opportunities that you try to provided for your child but does that mean that he should die because of it? Does that mean that he is inferior to anyone else. Ive seen how unemployment and monetary struggles at home can turn a strong, smart, working person into a depressed human being thats in a hole and doesnt know how to get out. It doesnt take much for credit cards to catch up to you (and we all have them) for rent to start piling up, for car payments to get behind.. and then what? If you cant find a job. (which a lot of people cant rite now) you can end up just like that man on the corner. So please open your eyes and make changes that will make this country a better place for all Americans, all humans. Start working together as a political board to actually accomplish something good for the country rather than only what will please your party.

via Revok1