Print. HOW. Step. Those are the magazines that most designers/students subscribe to. Not me. While I was in design school I worked in the offices of a furniture retailer and one day the owner’s wife left her copy of Metropolis in the lunch room and so I picked it up. The cover drew me and it appeared interesting enough, “Why Buildings Breath”.

I opened it up and was blown away; architecture, interiors, product design, and then this spread on the typographic design work of Christian Schwartz. I never realized how closely linked all these (seemingly disparate) fields could really be. I subscribed to the magazine for the next 5 years or so.

Recently I came across the design portfolio of Dungjai Pungauthaikan, currently an Art Director at Metropolis, and there is really some nice work in her portfolio. Seeing some of the spreads on her site really brought back a ton of great articles that I read over the years. Editorial design has always interested me greatly, and Dungjai has an impressive ability to organize a lot of information while still allowing the spreads to be visually arresting.