Frightened Rabbit
I was finally tipped off about Frightened Rabbit a few weeks ago, and have spent the interim wondering why I hadn’t tuned into this much earlier. The Scottish trio (missing the bassist of the typical rock quartet) released an album earlier this year, but I’d suggest taking a spin with their 2008 LP Midnight Organ Fight. Similar to another favorite of mine, Mumford and Son, the band makes it’s same with a thumping modern bluegrass sound that makes no apologies.

“Experimental” and “art rock” are terms that, when I see them used in a sentence used to describe music, usually mean “complete bullshit.” This may still be the case with Warpaint, I haven’t quite decided yet, but while I figure that out I can’t get their song “Krimson” out of my head. They released their first EP Exquisite Corpse last year, which happened to be mixed by former Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante. No 2 songs sound like they were made by the same band, an accomplishment compounded by the fact that this 4 piece is doing much more with much less than most.

Titus Andronicus
When an album loosely based on the Civil War turns up, I really have no choice, but to give it a listen. When that album is released by perennial indie rock noisemakers, Titus Andronicus, you have me hooked. The Glen Rock NJ natives have been making fantastic gutter-punk, bar rock for years, and with The Monitor their sound has finally glued all of their influences together into one solid album of both literal and metaphorical skirmishes.