Jake Troth
Prior to this week all I knew about Jake Troth was he was a guy who did a pretty hot remix of Love Lock Down almost two years ago. This was until learning that he recently dropped his new single “Material Things” produced by Takeover favorite Alex Goose. The criminally catch beat will be in your head for weeks. Be sure to check the video with a cameo by fellow Takeover writer Msenna as well.

Local Natives
The L.A. quintet initially got their debut album Gorilla Manor released in the UK last year and, having gained steam across the pond, debuted stateside last month. Funky guitars accompany the best three part harmonies I’ve heard in an album since Fleet Foxes set this apart from the typical mid-tempo indie release. They serve as a reminder of what you can do simply with good song writing and vocalist who can harmonize without a soundboard.

Radar Brothers
The change in name from Radar Bros. to Radar Brothers understates the change in line up between the two iterations of the Merge Records veterans. Having been whittled down to Jim Putnam and then recruiting Be Hussey and Stevie Treichel to fill out the band hasn’t changed the quality of the music associated with Radar Brothers, abbreviated name or otherwise. Americana is the word to describe their latest album Illustrated Garden, but it moves beyond simply going through the motions of a rustic folk album by subtly modernizing the sound and leaning towards contemporary indie rock as well.