The Morning Benders
It seems The Morning Benders seemed to carry a lot of buzz as they were dropping their debut LP in 2008, and then promptly fell on their face. With Big Echo, however they’ve dusted themselves off as well as what sounds like a dozen new instruments that were missing from Talking Through Tin Cans. Grizzly Bear bassist Christ Taylor co produced the album their stamp of Psychedelic-folk rock doesn’t take long to find. In all honesty this might be my favorite album so far this year.

Box Elders
I’ll be frank, if you’ve listened to any of the Goner Records bands Box Elders aren’t going to show you anything you haven’t heard before. It’s another album of 2-3 minute lo-fi pop music, and there’s enough catchy hooks here to keep it fresh, but their show is where they really come through. Just think you can watch this dude on drums all night.

Broken Bells
Collaborator extraordinaire Danger Mouse has put together another audio dream team, this time partnering with James Mercer formerly of The Shins. It’s certainly different from any of their other projects, but they’ve found harmony in this sort dreamy paced indie rock. I didn’t realize how atchy this album was until about an hour after listening to it I found myself singing nonsense (because I didn’t know the lyrics yet) to the tune of their single The High Road.