In the coming weeks we’ll be adding some new contributors to our operation here at The Takeover. We’ll be looking to add to the quantity, quality and variety of topics that we make available to our readers. We’re also hoping to generate a greater amount of our own specific content with articles and interviews by designers, artists, and creative professionals. Here to kick it off we’re happy to announce our first new contributor, Fiona Clark.

Fiona Clark (aka Wee Fi) is an artist working and living in New York City. Fiona graduated in 2007 from Hartford Art School with a major in Visual Communication Design and minors in Photography and Art History. Fiona has done freelance and full time studio work in both print and web design. A few of her clients have included: Victoria’s Secret, Bath&Body Works, Fendi, Garnet Hill and BBC America. She currently works at Coach as a full time web designer. Outside of work she enjoys her pet turtle, doodling, drinking ridiculous amounts of tea, traveling and the colour red.

We’re thrilled to have Fiona become a part of The Takeover, she has a bunch of good posts for you guys in coming days. be on the look out for her posts and make sure to say hi.