A few weeks ago my Saturday night quickly went from being another normal night to a very interesting one all in one short drive home. After a morning of hectic running around and stress filled events I recalled that Mayer Hawthorne and Nikki Jean were in town. While driving home past Center Stage we noticed that not only were Mayer and Nikki performing at “the loft” but Rodrigo y  Gabriela were sold out at “center stage” (rite next door) And so the plotting began..  making calls and asking people I know if they can get me into Rodrigo y Gabriela through the back door or something, but to say the least, last minute isnt the best time for those kind of calls.. So we headed down with the plans to go see Mayer Hawthorne and Nikki Jean and hoping to get some tickets for Rodrigo y Gabriela from a scalper or something. After one attempt at tricking will call into hooking it up with some tickets and then being offered $500 per ticket (for tickets we didnt have) from someone who flew in from Mexico for the show we figured the chances were slim to none so we went back to the loft to see how things were going over there. after a bit of waiting around and no sign of the show starting we decided to give it another try.. without saying too much, with some help of a bilingual girlfriend, a security guard, some luck and distraction, she got the will call to somehow think our name was on the list and scored 3 tickets..

Once in, I have to say it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen! The energy and pure talent that the duo embody is unmatched with anyone else I have seen. If you dont know who they are I highly recommend you find out! They may be 2 of the best guitar players in the world. during the show they brought out Alex of Pantera to do some songs with them and they absolutely killed it!

After the show was done we headed back over to “the loft”  to catch the end of Nikki Jeans set and Mayer Hawthornes.. Ive known Nikki Jean for a few years now and she consistently impresses me.. her smooth soulful sound, whitty lyrics and all around timelessness has made her one of my favorite artists since we met, not to mention shes one of the nicest and sweetest people ive ever met!  I wasnt sure what to expect with Mayer Hawthornes set coming up but he really impressed me! Im a big fan of the record and have been known to sing a song or 2 of his to my girlfriend (as she insisted on telling him back stage after words)  but his performance was really dope, incorporating hip hop and even reggae into his set..

I dont know how but we ended up being able to see 3 great sets and some old friends all in one night! You dont get that every night but when it does it really inspires you to push your work and art to that level.