I recently came across this interview with photographer Francois Robert and I was immediately drawn to look up more of his work. Come to find out that I’ve definitely seen some of it before, even in some of the books that I own. In fact, Francois is quite a well-known photography, so much so that here’s what Massimo Vignelli has to say about him:

Working with Francois has always been a lot of fun.
First, he understands the briefing.
Second, he adds to it in a brilliant way.
Third, he shoots and delivers the assignment on time.
Fourth, the work turns out to be better than it was planned.
Fifth, he is a terrific photographer.
Sixth, he is a great human being.
Seventh, he is an equally good graphic designer.
Eighth, he is great fun.
Ninth, he has a cool sense of humor.
Tenth, is great to work with.
Need to say anything more?
Massimo Vignelli, New York

Go check him out, I especially love the fine art series Francois has created, title “Stop the Violence” (shown above).