If you know anything about me, you know Im quite a big fan of baseball. I like art a bit too. As a child growing up in a family of Yankee fans, there wasnt much hope for me to survive if i liked any other team. Cousins with season tickets, pinstriped wall paper in my bedroom and Don Mattinglys heart and defensive play teaching me how to play ball the rite way, to say the least,  had an effect me growing up. While being an athlete  I was also an artist and took a lot of inspiration from the hustle of street art and graffiti. There’s the underlying dedication, competitive nature, hard work and passion that transcends from the sports world to the grafitti world. I always respected grafitti writers, but when I saw the stuff that Futura was doing with his work, taking a new approach to what graffiti was at the time, it inspired me to look at everything i approached in a new way. Knowing that Futura is a big fan of baseball since his stadium photography project, I always thought it was cool to see someone in art, outside of sport specific artists, showing such a love for the game.  Besides the fact that im a huge Yankee and Futura fan and its a dream combo, I dont think that Nike and the Yankees could have chosen a better Artists to work with.  Inspiration is passion.