Murder By Death
There was a period of time where Murder By Death straddled a line between post-hardcore punk and rockabilly. With 2008’s Red of Tooth and Claw they decided to fall closer to Johnny Cash than Thursday (much to my satisfaction). Adam Turla and company have made a name for themselves with his dusty bar room vocals over emphatic percussions and unnerving cello arrangements. Very often Turla rumbles along in his album weaving stories of the Devil in a Mexican town or a werewolf on a Odyssian journey for revenge. They’ll be dropping they’re next LP Good Morning, Magpie on Tuesday and I don’t expect ti to disappoint.

The Dum Dum Girls
If I’ve run into you in the last few days and it seems like my attention is divided it’s because I Will Be by The Dum Dum Girls has taken up permanent residence in my ear. Kristin Gundred’s voice is the absolute perfect sound for a fuzzy bad-girl pop album, often accompanied, by the sugary sweet voices of the two toher girls singing backing vocals. If it were possible to have a dissonant harmony The Dum Dum Girls would have found it.

The Deadly Syndrome
They might be one of the most talented bands to come out of the LA indie scene in the last few years and tragically have become so without stepping out of the shadow of their contemporaries like Silversun Pickups. They’ve recently released their sophomore LP Nolens Volens and it hasn’t changed my opinion that this band needs more recognition than they get. If for no other reason the minimalist piano on this album is nothing short of beautiful and needs to be heard.