The artist formerly known as Fillup Shack, now Phosphorescent, has made a name for himself in the indie folk scene of the North East in recent years. Following an album of all Willie Nelson covers (fantastic if you like Willie, forgettable if you don’t) they’ll be releasing their newest LP Here’s To Taking It Easy later this year. Lead singer and primary talent Matthew Houck initially suffered in his career from accusations of mimicking other folk super stars like Neutral Milk Hotel and Iron and Wine. This logic only takes you as far as being able to say genres umbrella bands that make similar music and will force you to overlook one of the better melodic folk music out there. Not to mention they have the best live harmonies I’ve heard in literally years.

If you know one thing about Cults, that would be one more thing than I do. I can’t seem to find any of their music anywhere online outside of their page. Outside of that the only thing I know is that they are making beautiful music. Their song “Go Outside” is a killer. Jim Jones (the cult one not the ballin one) starts the track with a creepy soliloquy on his thoughts about death. This is followed immediately though by simply magnetizing chimes and a lackadaisical bass line and, well, then you’re hooked.

Broken Social Scene
It’s been five years since the indie super group have given us a new album. In that time they’ve seen many of their alum see significant success outside of the group (see Feist, Stars, The Weakerthans, etc.). Forgiveness Rock Record will finally be released on May 4th and the three tracks available online show us the Canadian collective hasn’t lost anything. The Broken Social Scene are the kings of melodic indie rock and these songs are a veteran defense of their title.