The Radio Dept.
The shoegaze trio The Radio Dept. have been together through 15 years and several member changes and have finally released their third LP, Clinging to a Scheme. Once again they’ve taken the next step to develop their sound while still being true to what got them on your playlists in the first place. Songs like “Heaven’s On Fire” introduce a pop element that is pulled off so well, it makes me forget how much I miss Belle and Sebastian’s music.

Crystal Castles
I’ve had an Ike and Tina relationship with Crystal Castles. Every time I try to really out and out like them they do something that is essentially Alice Glass and Ethan Kath personally telling me to go fuck myself. For example on top of naming their second album the same as their first, about half of what I’ve heard from the new album is essentially noise. That said, the other half of what I’ve heard is glitch-punk at it’s best. If you’ve listened and liked before get the digital download of the new album.

LCD Soundsystem
This is about as flawless as a dance–punk band can be. After two flawless albums, James Murphy and company have returned to make you all but forget their fantastic 2007 release, Sounds of Silver. What sets LCD Soundsystem apart from the would be challengers to the throne (and make no mistake, they are royalty in this sense) is how powerful Murphy’s lyrics are. On “All I Want,” the newest track from the forthcoming This Is Happening, Murphy cries “Take me home!” after six minutes of catchy electro-punk. It’s honestly potent that even when being played simply as background music to fill the room it will stop you in your tracks.