Big Boi
It seems to be a growing trend recently that much of the better hip hop coming out is coming form the people who were help that titles ten, fifteen years ago as well. Much like Raekwon’s killer album last year, Big Boi doesn’t break any new ground with his new single “Shutterbug.” He knows what works and builds up rather than out. Though we’re four years removed from Outkast’s last release (and really seven years removed form anything notable) you needn’t look further than this track for your fix.

Pernice Brothers
Joe Pernice has, at this point, created enough of a name for himself following his years with the Scud Mountain Boys. Now seven years into his work with the eight-piece Pernice Brothers (of whom, Joe and Bob are the brothers) have released their latest in Goodbye Killer. Their brand of Smiths inspired college rock isn’t ground breaking by any means, they simply do that sound better than most anyone else. Be sure to check out the new album, but also check out the grossly underrated Overcome by Happiness.

MNDR (which from what I gather is pronounced “Mander”) is the moniker for Brooklyn’s Amanda Warner. Not to say that she’ll end with the same exposure, but the buzz surrounding her coupled with the geography and love of synth and drum reminds me of Santogold a few years ago. She’s been working on her self-released EP titled E.P.E., which includes a fairly impressive list of contributors (see: Mark Ronson). Check out E.P.E. now, I can only imagine an LP is soon to follow and seriously it’s not to be missed.