I was really happy to receive this email about the London Anti-Design Festival. It’s about time someone decided to shake things up a bit and we’re planing on doing our part to help out in any way we can. Read the info below and share with friends, colleagues, collaborators, professors, students, etc., especially those in the UK. Use the image below to re-post, tweet and share. Thanks to Andy for all the hard work and the heads up. We can’t wait to see the results!

18-26 SEPTEMBER 2010


This is a call for submissions for the Anti Design Festival, which will run from 18-26 September on and around Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, London. The ADF is an alternative art and design festival initiated by Neville Brody that promotes work that challenges contemporary stereotypes. This is work that is seen as uncommercial, dangerous, and anti-establishment. For artists, designers, and other creatives this is an opportunity to exhibit work alongside contributors including Jonathan Barnbrook, Stuart Semple, and Stefan Sagmeister.

While we are keeping exhibition details under wraps, we are interested in soliciting creative work that pushes the boundaries of conventional art and design. This is the chance to show previous work that has failed with clients or instructors, or to produce completely new work without the imposition of market restrictions. Because this festival is completely non-profit in orientation, we cannot pay for contributions. However, this is an opportunity for your work to engage a wide audience in a context that will challenge and provoke the public to rethink the role of art and design in contemporary culture.

Submissions can take any form you want, but the bulk of the work should be cheaply made and reproducible so that visitors can take it and use it however they want. You can send us actual printed pieces, but you would have to pay for shipping (email us first to confirm shipping details). Most probably, you would send us PDFs of work that are up to A3 in size (black and white or color) that we can reproduce for you, or digital files to be shown on computers. Here are some suggested formats: Objects/ephemera already produced; PDFs of graphics to be photocopied onto A4 Sheets; Posters; Images or motion graphics to be displayed out of monitors; Sound to be played into headphones

Below is a list of creative prompts we’ve culled to inspire you. Feel free to use them as you’d wish.

If you are interested in contributing, please confirm your participation to andy [at] researchstudios [dot] com by Monday, 19 July. The final due date for all submissions is Friday, 13 August. For more information, please visit www.antidesignfestival.com

‘I preferred a more mechanical method’

‘The alternative English garden wall’

‘Fasten the secret nails through the tongues’

‘Peculiar personal sufferings and distresses’

‘The scene I witnessed was a repetition’

‘I don’t think it’s possible for me to get home now without a guide’

‘They were dressed half for battle and half for tennis’

‘Rules are good. Break them’

‘Little tots being nasty to each other’

‘Content, form devoid of function, and commerce’

‘Abandoned the commune, hitchhiked back’

‘You did not arrest me’

‘Put away perversity from your mouth’

‘The Earth will give birth to her dead’

‘People say “Now, now, what’s wrong?”‘

‘The leading maker of LSD’

‘Like a seductive fairy tale’

‘Incisions sutured under moderate tension’