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John Jay of W+K ///

John Jay of W+K ///

Fast Company produced a short film with John Jay of Wieden+Kennedy speaking about client relations and the process that keeps W+K at the top of its game. Listen.


I was really happy to receive this email about the London Anti-Design Festival. It’s about time someone decided to shake things up a bit and we’re planing on doing our part to help out in any way we can. Read the info below and share with friends, colleagues, collaborators, professors, students, etc., especially those in...


This has been everywhere and if you’ve been avoiding it you should just quit it and watch. The new spot for Nike Football (yes, of course it’s soccer, but you knew that already didn’t you) by W+K Amsterdam is inspiring, entertaining and best of all, reminds us why the world loves this game so much....


All I can say is I want to work for SvB soooooo bad. Ridiculous. Amazing, Beautiful. They make it look so easy.


I love this campaign for Nike that McCann Hong Kong did. It’s amazing how such a simple technique of monotone images just being overprinted can create such an exciting and dynamic illustration.


I recently came across this interview with photographer Francois Robert and I was immediately drawn to look up more of his work. Come to find out that I’ve definitely seen some of it before, even in some of the books that I own. In fact, Francois is quite a well-known photography, so much so that...


This is pretty old, but I still love it. “An advertising agency has come up with a campaign to promote the Sydney International Food Festival: flags made from food typical of each country. The flag of Italy is made of basil, pasta and tomatoes.”


This year marks the 7th annual Thinking Creatively Design Conference, held at Kean University. The conference this year includes a wide-ranging panel of speakers and is being held alongside the IDSA Conference, also at Kean this year. The collaborative efforts of both groups has drawn a great roster of speakers, designers, educators, and students together...


I was fortunate enough to meet Jan Wilker (one half of karlssonwilker) at the Princeton Design Conference this past weekend. He’s an all-around spectacular guy and a smooth talker too. That being said I feel like I couldn’t possibly mention his name without also noting the summer workshop he’s running with Paul Sahre and James...


-NAME Tom Medvedich -WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. I went to college in Santa Barbara, California and lived in LA for a year after that.  I decided to move back to reality three years ago. -WHAT DOES YOUR WORK CONSIST OF? I currently have a body of...


View the video here: Helppreventcervicalcancer.com I first saw this spot during a commercial break on the oscars. I think it was an appropriate way to catch the audiences attention. Don’t you? Check out Help Prevent Cervical Cancer


As a designer that does commercial work, I gotta love Paula Scher: “Many talented young designers today have abandoned their roles as improvers of the general visual environment. Many only want to work on cultural work, or not-for-profit work, or on projects they perceive as “good-for-society” which may have a high profile within the design...