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Book Design


Su Blackwell‘s paper sculptures are amazing. I’m addicted to this kind of “beauty through deconstruction” kind of artwork, especially when it involves books.


As a designer who loves music, as much if not more than design itself, and a former guitarist/bass player I was really happy to learn about Soundscreen Design. We recently heard from the fine people over at Soundscreen, who happen to be operating out of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, about some of the projects they’ve recently...


I found this art director/illustrative designer, Zeptonn, through the wonderful blog Doodlers Anonymous. Browsing his portfolio you will see how his characters sneak onto any item and make it exciting, whether it be a mural, apparel, print collateral. The bottom line is: Cute, fun, strong “vectorish” graphics that all make me giggle with joy. Sold!...


I’ve always loved these experimental covers for Faber & Faber done by MIchael Kosmicki. The covers have recently made their way around the book design blog circuit, always catching my attention. It appears that Kosmicki (based in London) has a really great portfolio to go along with them.


“Candy Chang is a designer, urban planner and artist in Helsinki. She likes to make the city more accessible and engaging through research, design, and the creative use of public space.” There are some really interesting projects over at her site that cross disciplines between community awareness/advocacy, technology, urban planning and design/art. I wish more...



Our good friends over at Thinking For a Living™ have just re-launched their site! The new site makes good use of some innovative navigational techniques and has a slew of great resources, articles, links and more. Make sure to check them out and visit often.


The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is the self proclaimed Worst hotel in the world and to prove this they published this wonderful book to show you how bad their place really is! known for their innovative advertising and promotions the Hans Brinker crew keeps up the greatness but will never catch me in that slum!!...

APPLE iPad ///

I’m going to be completely honest, I think the iPad is the stupidest name for a device that seems to be pretty cool. Then again, I doubt the name matters all that much, just look at the iPod right? I don’t have a full review of it yet, I’m still trying to “digest” all the...

MAG+ ///

As a book designer I can’t help but feel drawn to the ideas concerning digital reading devices and the future implications for digital publishing. The naturally-occurring tension between the current print-based domain that we’ve been under for so long and the endless opportunity (read: challenges) that the digital realm of the future holds for us...


Stout/Kramer is an amazing design firm out of the good old NL.. Their work is filled with strong type beautiful photography and great compositions. Check their goodness Here


Once in a while I’ll come across something online that just leaves me speechless. This is one of those things. As a book designer, this project by Isabelle Vaverka really strikes a chord with me on so many levels.