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@Stickygram Magnets

Turn your Instagram photos into magnets with Stickygram..  Pretty self explanatory.. With the recent instagram explosion its only natural that companies start to capitalize on the market..  Stickygram and Blurb are two of the few that have jumped on the ban wagon..


I was really happy to receive this email about the London Anti-Design Festival. It’s about time someone decided to shake things up a bit and we’re planing on doing our part to help out in any way we can. Read the info below and share with friends, colleagues, collaborators, professors, students, etc., especially those in...


Our friend Maestro recently released photos of a timepiece he had been working on with a jewler out of Los Angeles for some time and we think its quite magnificent.. keep up the great work Maestro. “I am very proud to announce today, my very first creation of design that will be made available to...


Late last year some prints done by Andy Warhol for his friend Richard Weisman were stolen from the owner’s home. The actual Polaroids that Warhol took, which inspired the prints themselves went on display at Danziger Projects last year in an exhibit titled Greatness. They capture some really amazing sports stars like Wayne Gretzky, Muhammad...


This has been everywhere and if you’ve been avoiding it you should just quit it and watch. The new spot for Nike Football (yes, of course it’s soccer, but you knew that already didn’t you) by W+K Amsterdam is inspiring, entertaining and best of all, reminds us why the world loves this game so much....


I’m sure you’ve seen this chair everywhere by now. Coke and Emeco refresh the classic Navy chair, originally designed for the U.S. Navy back in the 1940s, by making it out of 111 recycled Coca-Cola soda bottles. I went over to Design Within Reach yesterday and took a look at it. It’s really gorgeous. The...


Portia Wells‘ work has always amazed me. Her design projects also serve as a platform for artistic ideation and social commentary about the objects we consume and acquire. I’m always surprised at how each time I look at a particular work I come across a new and unexpected thought behind it.

OFF THE WALL – Yale MFA Graphic Design Thesis Show 2010 ///

Off the Wall Yale MFA Graphic Design Thesis Show 2010 May 15-22, 2010 Closing reception: Saturday, 7-10 p.m., May 22, 2010 Yale University Green Hall Gallery 1156 Chapel Street, New Haven CT 06511 – From the Press Release: “Off the Wall is an exhibition of the print, motion, site-specific and interactive work of this year’s...


This is an older Design Observer post that I recently rediscovered and I love it so much I have to share it with you guys. Everyday for 100 days Rachel Berger picked a random paint chip out of a bag and wrote a short reaction to it. The results are beautiful.


I’m very jealous of my friends who already have tickets to a Jónsi show in the area, but this made things even worse. Fifty Nine Productions shares what they’ve got in store for the set design and performance aspects of Jónsi’s new tour.


Social Shopping Comes to Levi’s With facebook connect popping up everywhere, it’s no surprise that e-commerce is turning to the power of facebook sharing to make a more robust shopping experience. It’s a matter of time before everyone is on the band wagon, but for now this is fun and unique!


I’ve always been enamored with House Industries. Even as I first really learned what graphic design was I distinctly remember getting their catalog in the mail; the metallic ink, the throwback logo designs, design parodies of cultural ephemera, it’s all stuck with me. Literally. I’ve kept all the catalogs. As my wife, kids and I...