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I’M HERE ///

I’m Here by Spike Jonze is a short film about two robots falling in love in LA. Aside from the story being extremely beautiful and touching, the experience of the website is interesting as well. Set up as a movie theatre, there is a seat capacity! Or if you prefer, you can check it out...


Our good friend Mike Cooke over at Mikedesigns recently finished a short film he put together called life presently and shot in Atlanta.. Mike is definitely one of the nicest guys and hardest workers I know, his work is constantly evolving in both film making and photography and is always doing something new, keep up...


check out the oscar winning short film Logorama HERE this fulm is really uses some genius ways picking apart what we know as brands to create an interesting storyline.


Kanye launched his new blog a few days back, go check it out. I’m always glad to see someone doing something different.


UK illustrator Nicholas Saunders is a lucky guy. He was given the opportunity to work for 4 months on the graphics and packaging that were used in the “Weasley Joke Shop” scene for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He was able to come up with names for the products and all of the artwork...


Our good friends over at Thinking For a Living™ have just re-launched their site! The new site makes good use of some innovative navigational techniques and has a slew of great resources, articles, links and more. Make sure to check them out and visit often.


HBO recently released the pilot episode of its new series “How to Make it in America” on Youtube today. The show debuts This Sunday February 14th at 10PM. Im really interested in seeing how this show pans out, its another Mark Wahlberg show so it should be interesting.. check it out HERE


technology is always interesting but when technology begins to cross the lines of fiction and reality it kind of creeps me out.. check out this CG video done by The third & the seventh thanks to Wasqas Jawaid for sending this in

APPLE iPad ///

I’m going to be completely honest, I think the iPad is the stupidest name for a device that seems to be pretty cool. Then again, I doubt the name matters all that much, just look at the iPod right? I don’t have a full review of it yet, I’m still trying to “digest” all the...


FUCT is one of my favorite brands, with a defiant stance like no other, their presence and message is refreshing. recently FUCT dropped the first of 3 installments from “the doctrine” a film that embodies the brand. This really feels like some fight club type of shit.. Always great to see what their doing but...

13th Witness ///

13th witness has been on my radar for some time now. Besides his work being consistent and constantly evolving the passion that he evokes is that of greatness. To see someone who enjoys their work and dedicated to making it great is always inspiring. be sure to check out not only his photography but video...


-NAME Decatur Dan -WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I’ll skip this one, since it’s pretty obvious [laughs]. -WHAT DOES YOUR WORK CONSIST OF? My day to day job consist of working at Standard boutique in Atlanta, I created and run the standardatl.com for the most part which has gotten much attention in its short existence. I...