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OFF THE WALL – Yale MFA Graphic Design Thesis Show 2010 ///

Off the Wall Yale MFA Graphic Design Thesis Show 2010 May 15-22, 2010 Closing reception: Saturday, 7-10 p.m., May 22, 2010 Yale University Green Hall Gallery 1156 Chapel Street, New Haven CT 06511 – From the Press Release: “Off the Wall is an exhibition of the print, motion, site-specific and interactive work of this year’s...


I love this campaign for Nike that McCann Hong Kong did. It’s amazing how such a simple technique of monotone images just being overprinted can create such an exciting and dynamic illustration.


“Life of the Mind is the studio of designer, writer, and filmmaker Mark Owens. Founded in 2005, the studio pursues conceptually based projects in print, motion, and apparel design. Before starting the studio Mark earned an MFA in graphic design from Yale University and worked closely with a number of New York design studios, including...


I cannot read Javier’s posts since I’m limited to english-only, but that’s alright…the images are simplistic and speak enough on their own. Found via Robert Peters


Anthony Cozzi (A.K.A. Snowblinded) has some amazing prints up on his site. You can find both screenprints like “Kickflip”, above, and giclée prints, such as “Geomagnetic” shown below, at his online shop among others. Go check out some of his beautiful artwork.


Chris Piascik is a talented fella’ that does some interesting hand-lettering and illustration. His Daily Drawings project includes the image above of some Clips lyrics, love this stuff. Oh, and he’s one of the guys behind Print Brigade. I know we’ve already posted on Chris in the past, but his work is so good it...


I’ve always been enamored with House Industries. Even as I first really learned what graphic design was I distinctly remember getting their catalog in the mail; the metallic ink, the throwback logo designs, design parodies of cultural ephemera, it’s all stuck with me. Literally. I’ve kept all the catalogs. As my wife, kids and I...


-NAME Alex Cornell -WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I am from Bethesda, Maryland. I usually say Washington DC because most people don’t know what Maryland is. I live in San Francisco now, having switched coasts, much to the dismay of my family.  -WHAT DOES YOUR WORK CONSIST OF? My work is divided into music and design....


This is pretty old, but I still love it. “An advertising agency has come up with a campaign to promote the Sydney International Food Festival: flags made from food typical of each country. The flag of Italy is made of basil, pasta and tomatoes.”


Joel Evey is a designer/art director who does the “floaty/surrealist” thing quite beautifully. There’s some amazing typography and line work in his portfolio.

SKIN ///

The image above is by no means representative of all the work produced by the fabulous studio Skin in Norway. However, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a studio with a potato packaging project in their portfolio, I just had to post it. Check them out, they have great work.


This year marks the 7th annual Thinking Creatively Design Conference, held at Kean University. The conference this year includes a wide-ranging panel of speakers and is being held alongside the IDSA Conference, also at Kean this year. The collaborative efforts of both groups has drawn a great roster of speakers, designers, educators, and students together...