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Industrial Design

500 COLORS ///

Yes, those are colored pencils. That display is amazing. Get them here at Felissimo. Via Crew Design


This year marks the 7th annual Thinking Creatively Design Conference, held at Kean University. The conference this year includes a wide-ranging panel of speakers and is being held alongside the IDSA Conference, also at Kean this year. The collaborative efforts of both groups has drawn a great roster of speakers, designers, educators, and students together...


Designer/craftsman Kin Ichi Ogata has created some beautifully masculine, industrial pieces. The above being my favorite. Look for them on unity523ny’s site. Found via Design Milk


Its always interesting to find products that are designed with both form and function in mind.. Oooms Puzzle board is just that allowing you to connect more than one together to create a larger area or use a single one as a serving board.. check it outt HERE


-NAME Hommy (aitcHDee) Diaz -WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Born and raised in Queens, NY. My parents are from the Dominican Republic. I guess that is why some people might think DC initials stand for Dominican Conquistador, LOL. -WHAT DOES YOUR WORK CONSIST OF? Global Product Line Merchandising. In other words using colors and materials to...


A few years back I had the pleasure of hearing Deborah Adler speak at the Thinking Creatively design conference while I was a student. She was riding high on the recent success of her redesign for prescription medication packaging, specifically the bottle of pills you get when you fill a prescription at a local pharmacy....


Recently found out about Areaware, a design company in NYC that manufacturers and distributes some really nice products. The artwork and goods are designed by pretty nice roster of industrial designers. The wooden flashlight above really caught my attention.


Pijama makes soft fabric cases for a variety of electonic devices like Apple laptops, PC laptops, digital camcorders, digital cameras, iPhone, iPod, etc. The neoprene cases come in a wide variety of vintage fabrics and great patterns and are sewn locally in Milan, Italy.


Our good friends over at Thinking For a Living™ have just re-launched their site! The new site makes good use of some innovative navigational techniques and has a slew of great resources, articles, links and more. Make sure to check them out and visit often.


SIXINCH is a great furniture and design company located in Belgium, Portugal and Japan. They have some really interesting uses of material and combinations of style.. be sure to go check out their site for more work.

APPLE iPad ///

I’m going to be completely honest, I think the iPad is the stupidest name for a device that seems to be pretty cool. Then again, I doubt the name matters all that much, just look at the iPod right? I don’t have a full review of it yet, I’m still trying to “digest” all the...


If you haven’t yet heard Polaroid is coming back after all. Here’s a sneak peek of a new camera model that they’re coming out with. Oh, and they named Lady Gaga Creative Director for a new line of specialty products. Via Wired