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founded by Matthew Senna (MSENNA and The Jamie Marx Co.) and Jason Alejandro.
Jonathan Mannion Studio

Jonathan Mannion Studio

If you dont know who Jonathan Mannion is, you should. Even if you dont know him by his name, you know his work if you listen to music. Jonathan Mannion is a legend, responsible for creating some of the most powerful images in music history. His Photography is responsible for creating the visual history of...
Liz Wolfe ///

Liz Wolfe ///

Liz Wolfe is a still life photographer from Toronto. Her combination of playful color pallets with unexpected elements such as dead fish and rabbit heads create a unique whimsical visual experience.


I was really happy to receive this email about the London Anti-Design Festival. It’s about time someone decided to shake things up a bit and we’re planing on doing our part to help out in any way we can. Read the info below and share with friends, colleagues, collaborators, professors, students, etc., especially those in...


Alessandra Gerevini is an Italian freelance photographer whos series works tell a beautiful story. be sure to check her out.


Late last year some prints done by Andy Warhol for his friend Richard Weisman were stolen from the owner’s home. The actual Polaroids that Warhol took, which inspired the prints themselves went on display at Danziger Projects last year in an exhibit titled Greatness. They capture some really amazing sports stars like Wayne Gretzky, Muhammad...


NoMundaneOptions is the work of Dawud Rasool a photographer out of chicago who has worked with the likes of Saint Alfred and Nike..  check it outtttt


Tinyvices.com is a collection of images and artists founded by Tim Barber. The collections of work come from folks like Ed Templeton, Ryan McGinley, Philip Cheung, Hannah Whitaker and many more..  The collections are quite interesting, particularly to me because they all tell such different stories and portray such different paths that each artists took...


All I can say is I want to work for SvB soooooo bad. Ridiculous. Amazing, Beautiful. They make it look so easy.

OFF THE WALL – Yale MFA Graphic Design Thesis Show 2010 ///

Off the Wall Yale MFA Graphic Design Thesis Show 2010 May 15-22, 2010 Closing reception: Saturday, 7-10 p.m., May 22, 2010 Yale University Green Hall Gallery 1156 Chapel Street, New Haven CT 06511 – From the Press Release: “Off the Wall is an exhibition of the print, motion, site-specific and interactive work of this year’s...


I wish I could come up with some more info on Chris Strong, all I can tell you is he’s based out of Chi-town and has a ridiculously good portfolio of photographic work.


I love this campaign for Nike that McCann Hong Kong did. It’s amazing how such a simple technique of monotone images just being overprinted can create such an exciting and dynamic illustration.


I recently came across this interview with photographer Francois Robert and I was immediately drawn to look up more of his work. Come to find out that I’ve definitely seen some of it before, even in some of the books that I own. In fact, Francois is quite a well-known photography, so much so that...