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One of the best things about working on campus at Princeton University is being able to attend the Princeton Design Conference. This is the third year that the Student Design Agency is putting it on and it may be the best lineup of speakers, in my opinion, thus far. Last year’s conference included some incredible...


I was blown away when I saw these images of the Seed Cathedral currently under construction in Shanghai. The building will be the centerpiece of the UK Pavilion for the Shanghai Expo, starting May 1, 2010. 60,000 long clear acrylic rods form the outside of the building; at the end of each of the rods...


I’m always watching out for projects that are being done by MIT’s Media Lab. Flyfire is one that caught my eye recently. From their site: “Flyfire, a project initiated by the SENSEable City Laboratory in collaboration with ARES Lab (Aerospace Robotics and Embedded Systems Laboratory) aims to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive...


How do you feel about the news today? Now you can let everyone know. NBC has launched something similar to a tag cloud, with percentages on opinions on the article. In the drop down, you have the following options: intrigued, thrilled, furious, sad, bored, laughing. If your feelings can’t fit into those categories then you’re...


“Candy Chang is a designer, urban planner and artist in Helsinki. She likes to make the city more accessible and engaging through research, design, and the creative use of public space.” There are some really interesting projects over at her site that cross disciplines between community awareness/advocacy, technology, urban planning and design/art. I wish more...


Pijama makes soft fabric cases for a variety of electonic devices like Apple laptops, PC laptops, digital camcorders, digital cameras, iPhone, iPod, etc. The neoprene cases come in a wide variety of vintage fabrics and great patterns and are sewn locally in Milan, Italy.


Our good friends over at Thinking For a Living™ have just re-launched their site! The new site makes good use of some innovative navigational techniques and has a slew of great resources, articles, links and more. Make sure to check them out and visit often.

APPLE iPad ///

I’m going to be completely honest, I think the iPad is the stupidest name for a device that seems to be pretty cool. Then again, I doubt the name matters all that much, just look at the iPod right? I don’t have a full review of it yet, I’m still trying to “digest” all the...


If you haven’t yet heard Polaroid is coming back after all. Here’s a sneak peek of a new camera model that they’re coming out with. Oh, and they named Lady Gaga Creative Director for a new line of specialty products. Via Wired

MAG+ ///

As a book designer I can’t help but feel drawn to the ideas concerning digital reading devices and the future implications for digital publishing. The naturally-occurring tension between the current print-based domain that we’ve been under for so long and the endless opportunity (read: challenges) that the digital realm of the future holds for us...


Uncommon is freakin awesome. dont think i need to say much else to get you to check it out, but i will. Uncommon is a site where you can go to get custom phone cases or get one that someone else created before you. their collection is really solid unlike a lot of other custom...