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I’m always watching out for projects that are being done by MIT’s Media Lab. Flyfire is one that caught my eye recently. From their site: “Flyfire, a project initiated by the SENSEable City Laboratory in collaboration with ARES Lab (Aerospace Robotics and Embedded Systems Laboratory) aims to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive...


How do you feel about the news today? Now you can let everyone know. NBC has launched something similar to a tag cloud, with percentages on opinions on the article. In the drop down, you have the following options: intrigued, thrilled, furious, sad, bored, laughing. If your feelings can’t fit into those categories then you’re...


I’m a sucker for handwriting, beautiful photography, creative inspiration and clothes. So when I discovered J.Crew’s latest web campaign “Who’s That Girl”, which features ladies from their March catalog, I was instantly engaged. I don’t receive the J. Crew catalog and now I will probably subscribe to it since they are offering some interesting content....


Kanye launched his new blog a few days back, go check it out. I’m always glad to see someone doing something different.


In the coming weeks we’ll be adding some new contributors to our operation here at The Takeover. We’ll be looking to add to the quantity, quality and variety of topics that we make available to our readers. We’re also hoping to generate a greater amount of our own specific content with articles and interviews by...


“Candy Chang is a designer, urban planner and artist in Helsinki. She likes to make the city more accessible and engaging through research, design, and the creative use of public space.” There are some really interesting projects over at her site that cross disciplines between community awareness/advocacy, technology, urban planning and design/art. I wish more...


Our good friends over at Thinking For a Living™ have just re-launched their site! The new site makes good use of some innovative navigational techniques and has a slew of great resources, articles, links and more. Make sure to check them out and visit often.


Peter McClelland’s portfolio (HLVTCA) is quite amazing, I happening to be a sucker for this sort of identity work. What makes it all the better is finding some street art in there too.


The UK studio which was known as Leterme/Dowling is now New Creative. Check out the new site they put up, you might have seen some it around before, especially over at Counter-Print.


Yep, that’s us…we’re on Twitter now. Hit us up @TakeoverBlog to stay tuned for the latest and greatest.


Friend of The Takeover, Andy Chen, has a new article up on Design Observer. You must head over there and read it for yourself. Andy has been keeping us up to date with the research he’s been doing at the Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre. He’s currently working on some very exciting things...


Our good friend and fellow blogger Antonio Carusone has just dropped the new site design for AisleOne, the famed design blog on all things modern, minimal and Helvetica. It’s beautiful and the functionality is quite intuitive, I love it already. Go check out it, it’s now part of the Thinking For a Living Network, more...