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Good Folk

Good Folk

Good Folk John Pobojewski of 3st is up now at Journal of a Journeyman
Jonathan Mannion Studio

Jonathan Mannion Studio

If you dont know who Jonathan Mannion is, you should. Even if you dont know him by his name, you know his work if you listen to music. Jonathan Mannion is a legend, responsible for creating some of the most powerful images in music history. His Photography is responsible for...
TOMS Give Shop Los Angeles ///

TOMS Give Shop Los Angeles ///

TOMS recently teamed up with Kicks in the Larchmont section of Los Angeles to open TOMS Give Shop.  The Give Shop will be carrying almost the entire Toms line of shoes for mens, womens and children as well as the newest one for one product Toms eye wear!  This shop...
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Late last year some prints done by Andy Warhol for his friend Richard Weisman were stolen from the owner’s home. The actual Polaroids that Warhol took, which inspired the prints themselves went on display at Danziger Projects last year in an exhibit titled Greatness. They capture some really amazing sports stars like Wayne Gretzky, Muhammad...


Nathan Mabry Via BeautifulDecay


Truth Design is a UK design studio/consultancy. They’ve created a great body of work. I especially like the invitation for the Reebok Pump relaunch event, shown above. Milton Glaser recently agreed to design a #4 that the studio will use to create posters in celebration of their 4 year anniversary. I’m jealous.


Having been fortunate enough to spend some time in Sydney previously I have a deep admiration for all things Australian, including the Sydney Opera House. It’s a truly gorgeous structure and one of the most memorable buildings I may experience in my entire life. That being said I was really blown away when I saw...


This has been everywhere and if you’ve been avoiding it you should just quit it and watch. The new spot for Nike Football (yes, of course it’s soccer, but you knew that already didn’t you) by W+K Amsterdam is inspiring, entertaining and best of all, reminds us why the world loves this game so much....


Amazing poster over at SeptemberIndustry


Quoddy has been hand-making leather boots and shoes for over 100 years in Maine. It just doesn’t get any better than this in terms of quality.


I just came across these amazing illustrations over at the New Yorker this morning. Come to find out they were done by Pascal Staub, who works under the moniker Grafilu. I’m so glad I saw these, Pascal’s drawings are really incredible. I don’t know that I can compare to them to much else I’ve seen....


Another really great portfolio from the UK. This time the work of design/illustrator Rob Lowe (A.K.A. Supermundane).


as many of you know iPhone 4 was debuted at WWDC 2010 just came across gizmodos live coverage here check it out..

MUSICA MONDAYS: J. Cole, Here We Go Magic, Kanye West ///

J. Cole It would seem that this Jay-Z character knows a thing or two about music. This makes his choice of J. Cole to be the first artist to be signed to Jay’s Roc Nation label sort of a big deal. The refreshing thing about J. Cole’s music is that, unlike most of his contemporaries,...


Lately I’ve been fancying the drawings and illustration work of Rose Blake. There’s major talent in the UK…someone get me one of those Draw More shirts! PS – Thanks to Andy Chen for introducing me to Rose’s work.