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Truth Design is a UK design studio/consultancy. They’ve created a great body of work. I especially like the invitation for the Reebok Pump relaunch event, shown above. Milton Glaser recently agreed to design a #4 that the studio will use to create posters in celebration of their 4 year anniversary. I’m jealous.


Amazingly well-crafted design work coming from Swiss studio Moiré.


I don’t even know how to begin describing this Netherlands-based studio. Atelier Carvalho Bernau specializes in highly functional and painstakingly crafted design work. Their work is primarily print-based and typographic, in fact they do a lot custom typeface design. I love how their site captures the gorgeous letterforms they’ve created alongside photos of high-end book...


All I can say is I want to work for SvB soooooo bad. Ridiculous. Amazing, Beautiful. They make it look so easy.


“Life of the Mind is the studio of designer, writer, and filmmaker Mark Owens. Founded in 2005, the studio pursues conceptually based projects in print, motion, and apparel design. Before starting the studio Mark earned an MFA in graphic design from Yale University and worked closely with a number of New York design studios, including...


Seok Jaewon runs a design studio in Seoul, Korea called Studio Heyday. Jaewon’s work is a blend of intelligently-conveyed thoughts and themes in a sequence of beautifully composed projects. I am a sucker for attention to detail, and Seok has that down pat whilst presenting new perspectives on social, cultural and personal topics in a...

SKIN ///

The image above is by no means representative of all the work produced by the fabulous studio Skin in Norway. However, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a studio with a potato packaging project in their portfolio, I just had to post it. Check them out, they have great work.


I’m feeling the Swiss thing today I suppose; the long-term affects of having visited Geneva and Lausanne some years ago maybe? Probably not. Studio Sport is a studio in Basel with some very nice work, give them a go.


A few years back I had the pleasure of hearing Deborah Adler speak at the Thinking Creatively design conference while I was a student. She was riding high on the recent success of her redesign for prescription medication packaging, specifically the bottle of pills you get when you fill a prescription at a local pharmacy....


Post Typography is one of those amazing studios that is capable of doing just about any kind of project conceivable. They’re located in Baltimore and get to work on custom typography, posters, books, illustration, packaging, clothing, logos & identities and web/digital projects.



Music is a Manchester design studio whose work is not only brilliant, but also brilliantly displayed on their site.