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I was really happy to receive this email about the London Anti-Design Festival. It’s about time someone decided to shake things up a bit and we’re planing on doing our part to help out in any way we can. Read the info below and share with friends, colleagues, collaborators, professors, students, etc., especially those in...


Christoph Niemann is a genius.


Portland is the new Brooklyn, or something like that. I say this because I can’t stop coming across a ridiculous amount of talented work from designers and artists based there. Dan Stiles is one more to add to the list. Amazing posters? Check. Amazing illustration work? Check. Silkscreened goodness? Check. Dan’s got a lot more...


Portia Wells‘ work has always amazed me. Her design projects also serve as a platform for artistic ideation and social commentary about the objects we consume and acquire. I’m always surprised at how each time I look at a particular work I come across a new and unexpected thought behind it.


Chocolate Editions by Mary & Matt are beautifully delicious. It was initially their chocolate pie chart that caught my attention when it made its rotations around the blogosphere, but they have many more treats – check it out!


I’m very jealous of my friends who already have tickets to a Jónsi show in the area, but this made things even worse. Fifty Nine Productions shares what they’ve got in store for the set design and performance aspects of Jónsi’s new tour.


-NAME Alex Cornell -WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I am from Bethesda, Maryland. I usually say Washington DC because most people don’t know what Maryland is. I live in San Francisco now, having switched coasts, much to the dismay of my family.  -WHAT DOES YOUR WORK CONSIST OF? My work is divided into music and design....


This year marks the 7th annual Thinking Creatively Design Conference, held at Kean University. The conference this year includes a wide-ranging panel of speakers and is being held alongside the IDSA Conference, also at Kean this year. The collaborative efforts of both groups has drawn a great roster of speakers, designers, educators, and students together...


I was fortunate enough to meet Jan Wilker (one half of karlssonwilker) at the Princeton Design Conference this past weekend. He’s an all-around spectacular guy and a smooth talker too. That being said I feel like I couldn’t possibly mention his name without also noting the summer workshop he’s running with Paul Sahre and James...


Chad Hagen has some incredible visuals in his portfolio. It’s nice to see a body work so informed by a great variety of conceptual, experimental and abstract ideas. It helps that this Minneapolis-based designer/artist has some talented form-making abilities.


One of the best things about working on campus at Princeton University is being able to attend the Princeton Design Conference. This is the third year that the Student Design Agency is putting it on and it may be the best lineup of speakers, in my opinion, thus far. Last year’s conference included some incredible...


To celebrate a year long project at Millfields Community School apples and Snakes commissioned 3 poems. On one stairwell, Rosie Lee decided to install a giant scale dot-to-dot wall with thousands of dots, using round erasers on pencils dipped in paint and a numbered stamp to number every single dot! Children were then asked to create images from basic...